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Sugar or sweetener?

March 11th, 2008

Frequently women, trying to be fit, resort to replacement of sugar with artificial sweeteners, which are often considered as panacea for full-bodied sweet-lovers. However, American researchers have proved delusiveness of this point of view, having studied properties of saccharin.

The American researchers have found out, that use of low-calorie sweeteners “disorient” metabolism. Therefore excess weight is put on much faster, than from usual sugar.

Authors of the research explain the reason of so paradoxical pattern by brain’s feature to perceive some food stuffs. The matter is that in a human consciousness sweets are indissolubly associates with plumpness. When sugar is replaced with a sweetener, the brain, being guided by a familiar taste, prepares an organism to assimilation of carbohydrates. And then, when they are absent, in general loses ability to control entry of nutrients.

How to eat correctly Chinese food? (Part 3)

March 10th, 2008

After the second hour of a meal, the complaisant staff of a restaurant will serve sweetish corn porridge or rice broth. Eat, dear visitors, do yourself well.

It is necessary to notice, that every meal is accompanied with active consumption of green tea, or tea water. For a dinner, especially with visitors or guests, Chinese like to drink some beer or vodka. And instead of bread every visitor is brought a cup with sticky rice.

Usual Chinese lunch looks like that. Whether it is good or bad – it is impossible to say. More likely, such way of eating is unusual for us. But nevertheless it is worth sitting once from the beginning up to the end of the ceremony, to taste each dish and to experience, that «Chinese eat everything, that creeps, floats and flies… except for tanks, submarines and planes!»

How to eat correctly Chinese food? (Part 2)

March 6th, 2008

Then hot dishes are served. Waiters bring one plate after another. Here is variety of meat - mutton, beef with an onions, duck with rice flat cakes, hen in a sour-sweet sauce, pork ears. Here an every possible fish, squids, octopuses, tiger shrimps.
When it seems, that nothing can be eaten any more, on the table appear Chinese pel’menis, and so on, so on, so on with a different stuffing. You can’t help tasting it!

Chicken - coconut soup
Chinese are not supporters of desserts and sweets in general. Favorite Chinese sweets - red or green beans with an ice-cream, sweet rice or small cakes from rice broth, tomatoes in caramel, chestnuts and fruit salad stuffed with something like mayonnaise. Though, certainly, there are also some more habitual for a European’s stomach dishes: apples, bananas, pineapples or pears in hot caramel. Fruit is immersed in cold water then caramel hardens and appears very appetizing sweet.

Nevertheless, at a traditional Chinese restaurant most likely you will be offered for a dessert … soup. Soup can be cooked from fish’s head or tail – a trunk you have eaten for a second course. Soup may also be cooked from tofu or a coconut.

How to eat correctly Chinese food? (Part 1)

March 4th, 2008

Chinese do not like to eat alone. As a rule, ten - fifteen people sit at the big round table, who for all two hours of a lunch break eat one dish after another and discuss their urgent business.

So, how to eat correctly? We shall start that lunch time is special for Chinese. Schoolboys, students and office workers leave for a break at midday to start work or study again only in two o’clock in the afternoon. In the large companies and business centers the dinner lasts for an hour and is obligatory.
Chinese do not like to eat alone. As a rule, ten - fifteen people sit at the big round table, who for all two hours of a lunch break eat one dish after another and discuss their urgent business.
In the middle of a table there is a turning disk with viands. Everyone has a plate, small plate for soup, spoon, and sticks.

Firstly are served cold dishes: bean sprouts, salad from asparagus, reps, radish, meat pieces, fried peanuts, wood mushrooms, rice noodles. Sometimes crust jellyfishes are also served as a cold dish, but there are some dishes, when it is better not to know, what you eat.

Flakes for a breakfast - is it good or not? (Part 2)

March 3rd, 2008

Flakes, just as it is, are as a matter of fact oat or a corn flour. Except for pure starch and a small amount of vitamins of B group, they have nothing useful at all. Complete and utter calories.

Such breakfasts can be ready when it is enough to pour there juice, milk or kefir. They also can be instant and require 2-3 minutes for cooking. That is why ready breakfasts are less useful because they have already been prepared, so the most part of useful vitamins have already been boiled down. In this case, the preference should be given to instant or quick-cooking breakfasts.

Mueslis and flakes should be eaten only for a breakfast, and the preference should be given to the first. Flakes are carbohydrates, as it is, and starch, which can provide us with energy only in the morning and for a short while. And for a lunch and a dinner such food is useless, it is incomplete. Though people can eat them for breakfast every day – it is better, than not to have breakfast at all.

Flakes for a breakfast - is it good or not? (Part 1)

February 28th, 2008

Today there are many temptations, and it is not a problem to have breakfast with some benefit for health, but what to prefer: muesli, flakes, or something else?

As a matter of fact, they are very similar by way of food value – the difference is only in their basis - rye, oats or wheat, and additions such as dried fruits or nuts give not only more pleasant taste, but also caloric content. Mueslis from all above-listed are the most useful for a breakfast, and all because they are a mix of flakes from different cereals.

Fried mueslis are less useful, than natural whereas frying destroys part of useful vitamins and microelements. Dried fruits are not very useful, unless give more pleasant taste and add not the most useful calories – light carbohydrates in dried fruits. And nuts and sunflower seeds, which also considerably raise caloric content of a product, on the contrary are a good source of proteins and vital polyunsaturated fat acids. So preference should be given to not fried mueslis with nuts without dried fruits.


February 27th, 2008

If you want buy it, get better the mature intact soft fruits of yellow color. Guava fruits at a room temperature can be stored for some days, and at temperature 7-10 С - 2-3 weeks.
Guava shouldn’t be stored together with other food-stuffs, as it is easily sated with extraneous smells. At the same time guava fruits can be stored frozen: they practically do not change quality and taste.

Before eating, fruit are peeled and seeds should be deleted. The crushed pulp is served with whipped cream.

These fruits are eaten in raw state, they are used in salads and puddings.
Pickled slices of fruits are served together with meat dishes.
Jelly from guava are especially popularly in tropics. It is good for syrups, and puree-like product called “fruit oil”.
Juice is used for cooking sherbet and ice-cream.

The ascorbic acid in fruits is not destroyed in the process of drying and conservation, therefore juice is used for making powder - rich source of vitamin C.
Cheese from guava is one of the best east sweets.

Meat and green tee to grow thin

February 25th, 2008

Low-fat meat, such as a good beef is the best means to grow thin. First - this product is rich with proteins which are necessary for health.

Second – proteins are digested much faster, than carbohydrates. Besides, a piece of meat is quite enough not to be hungry. Proteins stimulate metabolism, leaving feeling of satiety for a long time.

Green tea
It is rich with antioxidants and perfectly influences an organism. Except for that, it is an ideal variant for healthy growing thin. Tea strengthens metabolism, accelerates digestion and helps to burn fats.

Some researches claim that five cups a day will help you to get rid of overeating consequences. As a bonus – it also will help you to deal with stress.

The century of skinny models has become a thing of the past. Managers of the Spanish Fashion Week, as they have promised, have forbidden girls with lack of weight participate in the show. But adiposity isn’t an alternative.

Some calories burning foodstuffs: Pumpkin

February 21st, 2008

Do you know the joke - «What to eat to grow thin?» And, as it is known, many a true word is spoken in jest.
In fact there is such food, which do help get rid of avoirdupois. Add these foodstuffs in the diet and observe growing thin.

This vegetable for a long time has been associated with Halloween, but very few people know, that it is also the ideal tool for those, who are trying to grow thin. Pumpkin contains only 40 calories, its structure is stringy - that is very useful.

A great many researches have proved that stringy foodstuffs are not only wholesome, but also useful for growing thin. In addition, the pumpkin is cooked very quickly. It may be cooked with cinnamon, nutmeg and almonds. It is very tasty, and also useful and low-calorie.

Grapefruit diet

February 20th, 2008

Have you never heard about grapefruit diet? It is strange, as this one is very popular, by the way. As the fighter with excess weight this fruit has no match. Recent researches in Scripps clinic in California have shown that so-called grapefruit diet considerably helps people to struggle with depot fat.

The main idea of the given system - half a grapefruit before each meal…
In addition to this, grapefruit contains elements which struggle with cancer cells. Sophie Loren keeps this very diet, and she can boast of a chic figure, even in her not so young age. And if you have overeaten, try to eat a grapefruit after it.

It will relieve you from feeling of heaviness in a stomach. Besides, half of fruit contains only 39 calories. If you want to achieve the best results, do not eat more than 800 calories after grapefruit. It is said that enzymes of this wonderful and tasty fruit can burn out such amount of calories.

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