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The most popular cuisines of the world (Part 1)

June 25th, 2007

We have a number of reasons to go to a restaurant. And not always we go there to appease our hunger. But if nevertheless the visitor goes to a restaurant to have a meal, then cuisine of a restaurant becomes determinative. The classical answer to a question about someone’s preference about cuisine, sounds like: good.
According to «Restaurant Rating» company, in practice the case is as fallowing, for example, Muscovites most of all prefer Italian cuisine. On the second place - Japanese cuisine. On the third - Russian. All the same people go to the restaurant for something extraordinary. To tell the truth, Italian and Japanese became so habitual, that, perhaps, in the nearest future situation can change. The first place can take the Russian cuisine (by a principle «sushi we can have at home».
By the way, clients of the “Restaurant Rating» frequently define their wishes by two words: “fish” or “meat”. As a matter of fact, concepts «the meat cuisine» and «fish cuisine» (the fourth and fifth place of a rating) are rather confused if only not to mean national cuisines with abundance of meat or fish dishes in it. Other case that there are some restaurants specializing on preparation of these products: stake - houses and fish-houses, fish restaurants, grills - bars.

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